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Berny is the creator of Upshif and OneGoalStrategy, its a focused project aiming to help professionals and leadership find the best resources to level up their riding, physically and mentally. 

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Berny Weiss is the creator of Upshift.

Bernd grew up having hundreds of ideas. One rainy evening while having a conversation with on of his clients, it hit him: “its progress, not the goal I need to focus on.” He put everything aside to work and research for methods helping him to understand everything about progress tracking. When is a goal important? When do we have to deviate from a goal to hit an even bigger one? This were the questions he was looking for answers for. The Upshift Journal is the result. Berny held various leadership roles and launched successful companies in the past. He is fortunate to be able giving back to graduates, professionals looking for advice and guidance. Currently Berny is successfully leading two global active companies, Astromerge and Canter Media, as adviser for space business, ecosystem development, and corporate strategy. His extensive travel helped him to become intercultural aware and develop a fine tuned sense for differences – he does not believe in better or worse, but in embracing the differences. He is obsessed with personal growth and finding the best methods to enhance the personal development adventure.